January 2019

After the peacefull and cozy time of the Christmas period we are coming back refreshed and restless to put our hands on gardens once again.

The January new energy flow is coming into gardeners as well as nature. It is easy to notice little shy chirping of robin and notice the black sillouete of the blackbird. Also the catkins of hazel are starting to wave in the wind. Although winter hasn’t come yet, the spring is pushing forward in our mild climate.

We might not often indulge in a winter white landscape in our climate, but that is more than offset by joy of meeting the first pioneers of new season. Winter is far from dull time when we can enjoy the silent and often scented parade of the winter classics. Jasmine, honeysuckle, sarcococca, daphne, snowdrops, helleborus to name just a few. I honestly believe these heroes of English winter gardens  are the best remedies for winter blues when they guide us safely through the dark months  of winter to the  better days of light.  Their delicate flowers and soothing scents are every years delight to me.

The slow pace of life in the winter garden is our usual time for regular reflection on what has been achieved and what else can be done. This is the best time for planning new developments in the borders or improving the garden structure.  Currently we are working on some planting projects and implementing dripp watering hoses into drought sensitive borders in some of our gardens and sending our development suggestions to others. We love to hear from you all, please do not wait and send  us your feed backs or call us to share your  thoughts for the coming season.

Cool temperatures and dampness are encouraging algae growth and it can be well seen on any walk surface or outdoor furniture. Any paving and most stone can become very slippery and pose hazard from bad falls. We are using our available time and jet washing where necessary. Even one wash every year makes a big difference in recurrence of algae and moss, makes surfaces safer and better looking

Enjoy your garden – Marie:)