Pruning Climbing roses

Climbing roses are one of the real treasures of the summer garden, there is nothing like walking through a rose arbor and being surrounded by the beautiful colours and musky fruity perfume of a favourite rose flower.

Here are a few tips to ensure this wonderful experience repeats itself again this coming summer!

Quite often we are starting with an anonymous variety and so I always follow these basic steps first. Cut out any dead, diseased or dying wood. Now step back and look at the general structure of the branches, I always try to keep a good even coverage of young, healthy stems tied in evenly, whether arched on a wall or looped around other structures. Cut away any old or crossing stems so you are left with a strong healthy framework. That’s the most important part done. Now it is a case of spur pruning the young growth from last year back to a few buds from the main stems. Always cut to a bud facing the direction that you want the new stem to grow towards, a bit of imagination is required to see how the growth could look in the next year.

All being well we can look forward to roses galore in summer 2019!