Rain, Hail, Frost, Spring is on the Way!

It is the middle of February, and here in oxfordshire the season of challenging weather when winter holds on but spring is progressing forcefully and jostling to take the reigns.  Today the blizzard and hail could not stop the snowdrops from opening their petals and the Eranthis and crocuses are neatly huddled up in cozy patches of blues and creams.

It demands a sturdy pair of shoes and warm, waterproof coat to come out and appreciate the earliest flowers in the garden, like these eranthis in a garden near Banbury.   Most of us may  prefer to stay in and look out at the ever evolving scenery framed by living room window which brings the garden inside to be enjoyed each day. Just now we are in the best times for making changes to our outdoor spaces and even a small adjustment will have lasting aesthetic or practical result for years. If your garden is getting on top of you, then simplifying and removing parts of plantings and substituting with lawn or hard surfaces can add to satisfaction and a little ease from the garden labours!

Here at Garden Keepers we have been meticulously following our winter garden programs, opening up old crowded stems on shrubs and and trees to allow for healthy and vigorous growth, as well as giving a shape more pleasing to the eye, and feeding border plants with mulches. Hopefully this will make the gardens flourish in the upcoming season!

Enjoy the weather where you are!